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Serial LCD Display module
(40 characters x 2 lines) alphanumeric.

Designed for embedding into products manufactured by third-parties, the SERDISP-4002 Serial Display
module is a 40 character by 2 line LCD display mounted to a carrier PCB with processing electronics.
The on board electronics receives commands in either  RS232 or TTL level serial communications and
displays the required text.

Serial LCD display module 2 line 40 character

Serial lcd display large 40x2
Technical Data
   Datasheet RFID Reader Module data
Its features are: 
  • Large 40 character x 2 line display.
    Character size 3.2 x 5.55mm.
  • LED Backlight with Software control.
  • Serial RS232 or TTL Communications, 9600 Baud.
  • Supply voltage from 5.5-12V dc.
The SERDISP-4002 receives serial commands in simple ASCII strings allowing the unit to be connect to
any simple TTY terminal or processing device with a serial port. Commands are sent to the display via the
RS232 input line, or the TTL serial input line. Any status information is received from the unit on the RS232
and TTL serial output line.
A simply command set allows alphanumeric text and control functions to be quickly sent. Additionally a
free to use PC application program is provided to allow quick use and set up of various unit parameters.

Serial Display Test Program:
Our free PC application program allow users to quickly test and set up the SERDISP-4002.

Download this application program for the SERDISP-4002

Test program main screen:
Serial lcd display test program main screen

Test program Setup screen
lcd display with serial interface test program set up screen

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