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PCB Layout Design and Manufacture.

pcb layout design

How we design PCB Layouts.

The printed circuit board (PCB) is the most common method in use today for
inter-connecting multiple devices into a functioning circuit. They can have one
or more layers of tracks depending on the complexity of the circuit required.
A PCB can be of any size and shape, with cut outs, slots, plated through holes,
and silk screening for component identification during assembly.

Our design engineers take your circuit diagrams and use a computer aided
PCB drawing package to manually place tracks and components to achieve
the required working circuit.

pcb layout software

What we need from you to quote you for a PCB design.

Initially we need you to provide us with a brief description of the circuit that you require to be made into a
PCB design. This can be a complete circuit schematic, or just a rough hand drawn sketch. We use this
information to determine approximately how many connections the board has and how big the board is likely
to be. If you have a predefined board size in mind you should specify this.

We will use this information to provide you with a fixed quote for the design of your PCB layout. In addition we
will provide you with a price to have the PCB blanks manufactured to your required quantity, should you need
this as well. Our industry associations with PCB manufacturers ensure that we can supply you with any quantity
of low cost PCB production runs, or prototype batch that you may require.

low cost pcb
Priority 1 Design can also provide you with a
competitive price for PCB assembly, for either
short runs, large scale manufacturing, or just
a prototype batch.

New Product Design.

Using analog, digital, and microprocessor circuit
designs we can design a new product based on
your brief product description. View some of our
past custom designs in our Gallery.

Contact Us to discuss any new or existing
product design. We provide a no cost quote for
the design and manufacture of your product.

pcb assembly

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