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Design Gallery

With many years of experience in custom design we have developed a large and diverse range of products
for our clients . Here are just a few of the more prominent ones. You will also find links to some of our clients
where you can learn how our products have been introduced into the market place.
Product Description

A control system for an industrial dishwasher.

Designed under contract for Industrilex Manufacturing Pty Ltd
This Controller features
  • 7 relay outputs for controlling pumps, heaters, and wash motors.
  • Thermistor probe for measuring water temperature.
  • Led display panel for wash status indication.
  • Multi-stage program flow for various wash cycles.
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mk1 weight indicator

The Lift-N-Weigh Series of forklift weight indicators.

Designed for Ozweigh Innovations these units are designed to weigh loads
carried by forklift trucks. By attaching load cells to the truck forks, or a
pressure transducer in line with the hydraulic system a real-time weight
measurement can be made of the load being carried. This results in
substantial increases in productivity by alleviating the need to transfer the
load to an external weighing platform for measurement.
Both the MK1 and MK2 forklift weight indicators feature a print dockets
function containing current weight, and total summed loads. The MK2 unit
has additional report capabilities and expanded function commands.
These units feature:
  • Accuracy of 0.02% of full load when load cells are employed.
  • Print and Totalizer functions.
  • 12V supply voltage with auto power down feature.
  • Easy 2 step load cell calibration via software.
buddy truck access controller

The BUDDY forklift monitoring system.

Designed for Ozweigh Innovations the Buddy unit is a forklift driver access
controller. This unit prevents unauthorized access to a forklift for anyone
whose driver identity number has not been downloaded into the system.
Additional the Buddy is capable of a host of functions dealing with engine
parameter sensing and reporting.
Buddy advanced features:
  • Driver access control via entered PIN code, or proximity swipe card.
  • Shock sensing and impact recording.
  • Radio communications for uploading/downloading reports & data.
  • Expansion interface for optional sensing and control modules such
    as oil pressure, radiator water level, and weight on fork sensing.

The Exograsp tactile response simulator .

Designed under contract for Monash University the Exograsp is a virtual
reality device constructed to simulate a tactile response on the thumb and
forefinger of the right hand.
The restraining forces on 5 finger points are controlled by employing a
system of Pull cables connected to Tension Control Modules. Additionally,
an angle sensor is embedded at each of the 5 control points to provide
feedback on the position of each finger point. The angle measurement
system was designed in conjunction with GFE Systems.
tactile display systemTactile Display System 2

Tactile Display System (TDS)

Designed under contract for Monash University the Tactile Display System
is a dual axis motorized motion recording and playback unit. Designed
primarily as a research tool the TDS allows the study of active and passive
tactile perception in humans. The TDS has two main functions.
  • Record Function. In record mode the motion of a test subjects finger
    is recorded as they explore over a raised line drawing. Typically the
    subject is blind folded and moves his finger at will over the drawing
    until they are able to identify it.
  • Playback Function. In playback mode two motors are engaged to
    recreate the path taken during the recording stage. The test subject
    has their finger driven over the raised drawing under computer control
    and their ability  to recognize the image is measured.
More information on the TDS unit and the research on active and passive
tactile responses can be found from Mark Symmons of Monash University.

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