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Dual animal tag rfid data logger
with external antenna and SD card storage

low cost animal tag data logger

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low cost animal tag data logger

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Technical Data
   Datasheet RFID Reader Module data

The RFIDLOG is a RFID reader module capable of reading animal tags
using the FDX-B and HDX protocols as described by ISO11784/11785.
It features a time and date circuit and SD card interface to allow scanned
codes to be recorded with a time stamp for animal research and general
data logging applications. Additionally it may be operated in dual mode
with an auxiliary reader connected for data logging of scanned codes at
two connected locations.

These units come supplied with our standard rfidcoil-160a antenna coils which
need to be connected for the unit to operate. Alternatively users can attach
their own antenna and tune the unit by means of attaching a suitable tuning
capacitor as described in the data sheet.

Its features are: 
  • Suitable with the following transponders:
    FDX-B and HDX Protocol as defined in ISO11784/11785 for
    animal identification.
  • Serial RS232 Output and Input on a DB9 connector.
  • SD card storage interface, using Fat32 file system.
    A 2 Gigabyte SD card is supplied with this unit.
  • Clock calendar circuit for time and date mark.
  • Small unit size: 74.3mm x 74.3mm (RFIDLOG),
    and  46.1mm x 38.1mm (RFIDLOG-AUX)
  • External RFID Coil Antenna for greater versatility.
    Comes supplied with our standard rfidcoil-160a antenna coil.
  • Operates with 6.0V-13.2V dc supply voltage.
  • Free RFID application program available for download.

RFIDLOG RFID data logger description.

The main unit may be used on its own, or optionally connected to its auxiliary unit RFIDLOG-AUX to allow scanning to take place at two locations simultaneously. Codes scanned at either unit are stored along with reader designation, and time and date information into a SD memory card. The RFIDLOG employs standard Fat32 file storage which allow users to simply remove the SD card and insert into any standard SD card reader connected to a PC. The stored data file appears as an ordinary text file and can be manipulated as required.

rfidlog rfid data logger typical arrangement
Typical dual reader configuration.

RFID data logger applications.

RFIDS are increasingly being used in animal research. The RFIDLOG was created primarily for animal research applications for rfid tagged animals. The dual reader configuration gives this rfid reader the ability to distinguish in which direction an animal is travelling.  The antenna coils are positioned at the entrance and exit points of a channel or gate way in which the animal must pass in order to gain access to an area. By monitoring the time and sequence of records stored in the SD memory the user is able to learn about the travel patterns of their animals. 
Other applications for this RFID data logger is as a simple livestock inventory or general RFID stock take unit. The main RFIDLOG unit may be used on its own to simply scan livestock and general RFID tagged items to build a record of current stock. The SD memory can then be downloaded and manipulated as needed.

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