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Priority 1 Design provides custom Electronics Design & Manufacture of electronic systems for
Industrial and Commercial applications. This site features products and services for sale as well as providing
a showcase of our custom designed products.

Priority 1 Design specialize in all facets of custom Electronic Design and manufacture.

PCB design and manufacturing

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Learn more about our
PCB layout services.
  • PCB layout design.
    We take your schematic diagrams from sketch to finished PCB layout,
    ready for production. Our PCB designs incorporate standard through hole
    and surface mount components and multilayer PCB design.

  • Hardware and Software Design.
    Through the use of the latest technologies our designers can create a
    product to your specifications. Our custom designed products feature
    analog, digital, and microprocessor circuit designs.

  • Prototype or Productions Run.
    We can provide you with a single prototype product as required, or follow
    this up with a low, medium, or high volume manufacturing run at your
  • After sales support and consultancy.
    Once your product or system reaches your intended target we can provide
    after sales support. Support for software and hardware upgrades, or just
    a general consultancy service is available.
Priority 1 Design shopfront
  Our  specialty custom electronic designs are particularly suitable for OEM users
  wishing to increase functionality in their own products. Our in house range of
  products allow OEM companies to avoid lengthy and costly development cycles
  and bring their products to market sooner.
  Enter our on-line shop to purchase our specialty products.

  Our Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and systems allow OEM
  users to quickly and cheaply incorporate RFID technology into their products.
  View our range of low cost RFID products and learn more about RFID basics
  and design.
  • OEM RFID reader modules and RFID reader writer modules.
  • RFID Keytag's.   EM4100  and T5557 compatible.
  • RFID cards  (Proximity Cards) EM4100 compatible.
  • RFID reader  I.C.'s (U2270B, EM4095).
  • RFID coil antennas.
 RFID Reader Modules 
125kHz proximity keyfob
RFID keytags 
rfid proximiy card
RFID Proximity cards 
em4095 ic rfid front end
RFID reader IC's
rfid coil antenna design
RFID coils

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