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TTL to RS485 converter

Created by GFE systems, this board is intended to cater for those situations where RS232 signals
is inadequate to handle data transfer over a long distance or electrically noisy environment.

ttl to rs485 converter
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ttl to rs485 converter
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Technical Data
   Datasheet RFID Reader Module data


The TTL485-NHM board provides a half-duplex multi-drop / multi-point serial link
for a network between 2 and 32 Nodes. On board links are provided for enabling
line termination (120 ohms) as well as bus fail-safe mode. Provision is made for
connection of cable shield with current limiting (120 ohms).

  • Single supply 5.0V +/- 10% @ 5mA.
  • Up to 250kbps data rate..
  • Maximum distance between end-nodes is 1200m.
  • Up to 32 nodes per network.
  • Small board size: 48mm x 36mm x 15mm.
  • +/- 15KV ESD protection.
  • Half-duplex operation.
  • RS422 backward compatible.
  • Suitable for multi-drop network.
  • Designed for multi-point network.
  • Available with either Crimp or IDC connectors.


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