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TTL to RS232 converters

Many of our products feature TTL Uart ports  for transmitting and receiving serial data. We created these
 TTL to RS232 converters to allow those products to be connected to a standard PC serial port.

low cost TTL to RS232 convertor

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Technical Data
   Datasheet RFID Reader Module data


This unit is simply a RS232 to TTL converter IC on a board with
connectors. We created this unit as a quick means to allow any TTL level
uart to connect to the standard RS232 levels of a serial port. This unit can
be powered from 3.0V to 5.5V and meets ElA/TIA-232 and V.28/V.24
specifications, even at VCC = 3.0V.
Its features are:
  • 1 transmit and 1 receive line, full duplex. RTS and CTS lines are
    also incorporated on board via solder pad area.
  • Small unit size of 48 x 36mm
  • On board DB9 female connector for direct connect to a serial port.
  • 4 mounting holes

port powered TTL to RS232 converter

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Technical Data


This unit is similar to our INT232-A above but has additional circuitry
that draws power directly from the receive line of the RS232 port.
This avoids the need to provide a separate power supply to the unit.
The RS232 side has a DB9 female connector, while the TTL side has
a DB9 male connector.

Its features are:
  • 1 transmit and 1 receive line, full duplex.
  • Port powered from the RS232 Receive line (pin 3).
  • DB9 connectors packaged in a slimline case.

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